Stocks Continue to Confuse


I recently received a brief but very important note from one of our investors..  It really shows how #Orlandorealestate can be a great investment alternative.

“After the 2008 and 2009 market crash, I was worried about my retirement savings. I did not have much faith in my ability to manage my investments.  My wife and her brother convinced me that we should try alternative investments and a self directed IRA for my savings.  I transferred my 401K assets to a Self Directed IRA. #selfdirectedIRA

I met Scott Butts in early 2010, during the throes of the housing crash.  We developed a plan of how to effectively deploy my retirement savings.  It took approximately 1 month to finally identify the area that I would invest in.  We purchased our first home in 2010 and then two additional properties in 2011. I was able to purchase multiple properties with the help of Non-Recourse Mortgages.  These loans required 50 % down, but would not hold me personally liable in the case of a loan default.

After 5 years, I am thrilled with my results. I receive excellent rental income and the properties have greatly appreciated in value.  I continue to search for additional units to add to my portfolio.”

Thank you for the message, as always we are here to help!



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