INVESTMENT: Central Florida


Central Florida Rental Market …. good… Better…BEST! 

#Investment…. Is Central Florida the place? I looked through blogs, and multi articles and would like to share some of the thoughts and comments out there…… 

  • Rental homes will continue to be in high demand. Rental vacancy rates are at or near their lowest levels in 20 years, and rents are rising faster than inflation. High demand for rental homes — both apartments and houses — will likely continue in 2016, especially from new, young households.#orlandorentals. #orlandoinvestment

Source: Morning Edition

  • Seven of Florida’s foreclosure-filled housing markets are among the nation’s Top 20 metro areas for single-family rental investments, according to a report released today.

Source: Orlando Sentinel

  • The real estate market in Orlando — home to Disney and a slew of other theme parks — has been anything but magical lately. Prices have plummeted 43% since 2006, according to Local Market Monitor. #orlandorealestate Winzer projects little in the way home price gains Orlando over the next three years. Rents, on the other hand, are expected to climb by a healthy 17% clip, he said. The area’s ties to tourism should help as the economic recovery gains traction, he said. Visitors keep coming to the theme parks here, despite the lukewarm national job picture. If employment ever heats up, the area will attract even more visitors and that means more jobs for local residents. He expects that real estate investors will net about 3% above the national average #realestateinvestor #orlandorents

Source: CNN News

  • Orlando currently is the No. 6 best market for rental real estate investment in the Southeast and the No. 25 best market in the country as a whole, according to a recent report from All Property Management. #orlandopropertymanagement. #propertymanagement



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