Central Florida Real Estate Investment Authority, Our Team Works for You!

investing real estate orlando

In today’s Real Estate investment market there are so many questions – when to buy, how much to buy, where to buy, do I rent or flip, do I need insurance, do I need to form an LLC, can I place my Real Estate investments in an IRA, and how might the gains effect my taxes?  Central Florida Investment Advisors is here to guide your investments with answers to all of these questions.

We are a team of experts committed to assisting investors in every step of the Real Estate Investment Process. Whether you are new to the market or already a property owner in need of information or assistance our team is here for you.

Over the years, myself and team have worked with companies where we have  had experiences that were less than desirable. There are plenty of agents ready to sell you something and many property management teams out there to rent or manage your properties.  From our experience we learned that these two groups don’t follow the same path and many times  don’t get an investment to  it’s desired returns.  That’s why we collaborated in coming together to give you a team that is here to work with you at every step. Our team has been assembled to provide you with help, information, and direction throughout the Real Estate investment process!

We will start with an initial casual meeting to sit down with you and help you get an understanding of the market options and create a Real Estate investment plan with you, for you.  Based upon your needs, we will find what works best for you: type of property (homes, condos, etc), longevity options (long  & short term investment ideas), and work through resale and/or rental options. Our team will then work with you to apply that plan to the current marketplace.

Once the plan is in place we will help you to purchase (or sell) property, help you to rehabilitate, repair, and clean up properties to market standard and resell or rent and manage  as needed.

In our website you will find more information and details in regards to the different aspects of the Investment process. Thank you for taking time to look at our website, we hope to be working together with you in the near future!


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