Florida On The Grow

The estimated Florida population  for 2016 is 20,612,439. This makes Florida the third largest state in the US by population, after California and Texas. Progress continues to be on the horizon!

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Census Year Population Percentage Change
1830 34,730 n/a
1840 54,477 56.9%
1850 87,445 60.5%
1860 140,424 60.6%
1870 187,748 33.7
1880 269,493 43.5%
1890 391,422 45.2%
1900 528,542 35.0%
1910 756,619 42.4%
1920 968,470 28.7%
1930 1,468,211 51.6%
1940 1,897,414 29.2%
1950 2,771,305 46.1%
1960 4,951,560 78.7%
1970 6,789,443 37.1%
1980 9,746,324 43.6%
1990 12,937926 32.7%
2000 15,982,378 23.5%
2010 18,801,310 17.6%
2015 (estimate) 20,271,272 7.8%



Orlando International Airport Planned Expansion

Orlando International Airport is currently in excess of operational capacity with plans to add more gates within the next few years. OIA boards about 42 million passengers a year but only has the operational capacity for about 40 million which leads to crowding and long lines.

There is a new terminal scheduled to open mid-2020 that will bring an additional 16 gates. The expansion will also feature a parking garage with 2,400 spaces and eventually a train station that will eventually connect Orlando with Miami.

The airport received all the necessary approvals for the expansion. Keep growing Orlando 🙂


Miami to Orlando in 3 Hours!!

That’s right, the Brightline Express will be arriving to Florida in the summer of 2017. This privately held train service will have express trips that go up to 125 mph to connect passengers from Miami to Orlando (to be conveniently located by the Orlando International Airport) in just three hours and from Miami to West Palm in just an hour.  The express train will open speedy travel options for visitors to the Sunshine State and locals alike.


Sunshine State Soon To Be Powered By The Sun Itself!

Florida Power & Light (FPL) is set to build 8 new solar power plants. Executives held a commissioning ceremony last month, introducing three new solar energy facilities — one of which in Manatee County.

The plan will add 8 new solar plants within the next 18 months. The facility is two mile long and generates 74.5 megawatts of power. The goal is to drive down costs and produce more clean and renewable energy from the power of the sunlight.

FPL doesn’t plan to stop there. They also plan to build eight additional facilities across the state over the next 18 months.

After 2 Years, Daytona Upgrades Thrill Fans

DAYTONA Rising a $400 million investment to re-imagine the Daytona International Speedway.

As part of the upgrades fice entrances were expanded and redesigned leading fans to a series of escalators and elevators and then transporting them to three different concourse levels. Each level features spacious social areas and approximately 101,500 permanent, wider and more comfortable seats. Restrooms in the facility have been doubled and concession stands trippled. Lastly, the Speedway now has over 60 luxury suites with track side views and a completely revamped hospitality experience for corporate guests.

The project officially broke ground in early July 2013 and was completed in time for the 2016 Rolex 24 At Daytona and DAYTONA 500.

Officials believe the changes have increased the foot traffic into the stadium.

Take Me Out To The Ball Game – Spring Training Schedule

Time for peanuts, popcorn and the crack of bats across Florida. It’s time for Spring Training!

Spring Training Schedules


Schedules by Team


Cactus League (Arizona)
2017 Arizona Diamondbacks Spring Training Schedule
2017 Chicago Cubs Spring Training Schedule
2017 Chicago White Sox Spring Training Schedule
2017 Cincinnati Reds Spring Training Schedule
2017 Cleveland Indians Spring Training Schedule
2017 Colorado Rockies Spring Training Schedule
2017 Kansas City Royals Spring Training Schedule
2017 Los Angeles Angels Spring Training Schedule
2017 Los Angeles Dodgers Spring Training Schedule
2017 Milwaukee Brewers Spring Training Schedule
2017 Oakland A’s Spring Training Schedule
2017 San Diego Padres Spring Training Schedule
2017 San Francisco Giants Spring Training Schedule
2017 Seattle Mariners Spring Training Schedule
2017 Texas Rangers Spring Training Schedule
Grapefruit League (Florida)
2017 Atlanta Braves Spring Training Schedule
2017 Baltimore Orioles Spring Training Schedule
2017 Boston Red Sox Spring Training Schedule
2017 Detroit Tigers Spring Training Schedule
2017 Houston Astros Spring Training Schedule
2017 Miami Marlins Spring Training Schedule
2017 Minnesota Twins Spring Training Schedule
2017 New York Mets Spring Training Schedule
2017 New York Yankees Spring Training Schedule
2017 Philadelphia Phillies Spring Training Schedule
2017 Pittsburgh Pirates Spring Training Schedule
2017 St. Louis Cardinals Spring Training Schedule
2017 Tampa Bay Rays Spring Training Schedule
2017 Toronto Blue Jays Spring Training Schedule
2017 Washington Nationals Spring Training Schedule


Getting Around O-Town

Pedicabs are your perfect transportation around downtown Orlando. This fun and unique mode of transportation will add to any experience.

Pedicabs make for a great means to get around Downtown during late night weekend trips. These bike taxis have room for up to four passengers and can be found around the central Downtown area.

Here are a few Local Pedicab businesses you can get in contact with:

  • Redi Pedi Pedicab Outdoor Mobile Advertising Orlando, FL · (321) 251-4608
  • Kween Cab Orlando, FL · (407) 618-1177
  • Rydes Pedicab Co. Orlando, FL (407) 409-2497
  • Five Star Pedicab Orlando, FL (407) 556-7527


Orlando’s Residential Market Increasing Year Over Year


Downtown Orlando’s residential market experienced an increase of 14.5% in sales price per

unit compared to the same quarter one year ago, which is the result of an increase in

condominium sales year over year of 19.5%. Condominiums, which make up most of the

Downtown residential inventory, had an average sales price of $326,515 compared second

quarter 2015 average sales price of $273,180.


Does Hassel-Free Property Management Appeal to You?


At Central Florida Investment Advisors we understand that in today’s environment both new and experienced property owners face many challenges in meeting new regulations, requirements and responsibilities to successfully manage their investment. Our teams goal is to provide you with the services of a well qualified and experienced property manager.

Our team is  fully dedicated to making your property management as stress-free as possible. What we do for you as a property manager?

  • Personal attention to detail.
  • Thorough screening of prospective tenants.
  • Advertising of your property using rental listing services.
  • Showing your property to prospective tenants.
  • Rent collection / monthly disbursements.
  • Monthly Financial reports.
  • Repairs /Maintenance using reliable suppliers/contractors
  • Records maintenance
  • Property analysis and inspection
  • Lease preparation / rent increases
  • Eviction Services
  • Suggestions on making your property more marketable/attractive
  • Implementation of local, state and federal regulations

Our residents are the most important part of the property management experience. We strive to promote a courteous and respectful relationship with our residents knowing that they provide a valuable role by occupying and guarding our client’s property. Our team will manager service calls to ensure timely and appropriately management.We maintain relationships with qualified vendors that have good track records that include painters, roofers, electricians, plumbers, appliance repairmen, handymen and more.

We strive to offer comprehensive full service property management services to our clients, but can modify these to your needs as well. Give us a call today and we will work together to achieve your investment goals… 321-239-8509!

Downtown Orlando Market Report Summary for Second Quarter 2016

In the second quarter of 2016, 52 businesses opened… 11 of the total new businesses in the City of Orlando. This was slightly up from last quarter’s 49 businesses at 14% of Orlando new businesses. The same quarter last year 120 businesses opened representing 13.1% of total new business in the City of Orlando. Of this quarter’s new businesses, 17.6% were professional establishments.
Total employment numbers within CRA boundaries were 78,189, with the three largest contributors being educational services (23,484); public administration (15,700); and professional, scientific, and technical services (11,277).

Florida Housing Will Help Build Strong Growth of Local Economy


It is forecasted that Florida’s economy will grow faster than the national economy over the next three years. This growth is fueled by an increasing population which will propel jobs in construction.  As a result the state will experience the highest growth of any employment sector, predicted by UCF economist Sean Snaith.

“The fundamental underpinnings of the housing market in Florida continue to improve,” Snaith wrote in the Florida & Metro Forecast, 2016-2019, citing strong job growth and increasing population trends in Florida.


Low Mortgage Rates

Several benchmark mortgage rates were down last week. The average rates on 30-year fixed and 15-year fixed mortgages both receded. On the variable-mortgage side, the average rate on 5/1 ARMs rose.

Mortgage rates are in a constant state of flux, but remain low by historical standards. If you’re in the market for a mortgage, it could be a great time to lock in a rate. Just make sure to do some shopping around first.

Orlando Offers A Cure For Your Sweet Tooth!

If the owner of Universal Orlando’s Chocolate Emporium name wasn’t a mouthful enough… you simply won’t be able to get enough of the decadent sweets!! Professor Doctor Penelope Tibeaux-Tinker Toothsome is not only an enchanting woman but her decadent chocolates and grandiose factory will simply leave you speechless.

Photo Credit @ Nicole Katz Photography.

Forbes Gives Orlando The Second Spot!


What city should you give your Real Estate investment dollars to?

Forbes lists Orlando as the #2 (followed by 6 other cities in Florida) for best buy cities for investing in 2016.

Why does Florida top the list you ask?

“In light of the national economic recovery, Florida’s rise makes a lot of sense. Because it attracts retirees, second-home buyers, and investors, the Sunshine State’s housing market is subject to more volatility than other markets. With would-be retirees and vacationers staying away during the downturn, housing prices tumbled dramatically.”

See the full article: http://www.forbes.com/sites/erincarlyle/2016/01/27/best-buy-cities-where-to-invest-in-housing-in-2016/#56dd48612429