Whether you are a New or Current Investor, we are the team for you!

New Investor

A new investor is anyone who is new to real estate investing, new to the Orlando area real estate market, or a mixture of both. Our goal is to sit down with you and help place your needs and requests for investing into our marketplace.

To do this we will coordinate a meeting with you and our team. We will review with you the results of many of our current clients along with trends within our market. We will plan out the best possible purchases for you to obtain a your desired result. We will  help you mark out a full path, what types of property to buy, at what prices, rent or resell, how long to hold , best locations for you and then we will action on your plan with you.

Our team will stay with you thru the entire process. Planning, purchasing, repairs, rehabs,  property mgt, resell, etc. You have a team with you, invested with you.

Current Investor

If you currently have property and/or have Orlando market knowledge, you have some experience and are a current investor.

What our team does for you is provide an expert team to assist you. Our team will assist you with property management. We will guide you in reorganizations to get the best use of your assets, in some cases this may require updating property, finding better tenants, or maybe even selling a current asset to reinvest in other better return options.

Again our goal is to sit down and help you evaluate your current situation and see if we can reorganize and make your investment stronger. You have a team with you, invested with you.